CBD – The Magical Power House That Is CBD Oil

If you follow me on social media you will know that on Monday 15th August 2016 I spoke live on LBC during a discussion about CBD oil. [Listen Here]

The news topic came to light as the NHS are due to run tests using cannabinoids on arthritis and depression and a DJ friend notified me of the conversation.

That has to be the first time I’ve ever had stage fright! And so I didn’t manage to get out all that I wanted to say. I have learned a lot about the medicinal use of cannabis over the last five months, and have witnessed results that have been somewhat outstanding.

As a “post cancer” patient myself I have been using CBD oil for optimal health maintenance and also to manage osteoarthritis, with great success. When I was a cancer patient going through chemotherapy many people had mentioned the use of cannabis oil for pain and more, at the time I was in very little pain and so didn’t take it any further. Until we learned of My Father’s inoperable pancreatic cancer diagnosis in April 2016. I read, researched, emailed, went to cannabis shows and seminars, spoke with experts in this field all to get a better understanding of the medical use of cannabis oil.

Based on my findings I recommended CBD to my father, family and friends. One friend in particular who suffers with neuropathic pain to include; Chiari Malformation, Cervical Stenosis and Adenomysis. She then went on to recommend CBD oil to her mother in law who suffers with Sciatica, a friend with Fibromyalgia, and another with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, they now all swear by CBD oil.

There’s also My husband who had been suffering badly with arthritic pain, strong painkillers alone were simply not touching it yet after a frequent dosing of a strong CBD oil he was soon feeling the benefits.

My father had been using CBD oil since his diagnosis and began GemCap chemotherapy a month later in May. The cancer that had spread to his liver was decreasing, his liver counts were reading as normal. His cancer nurse was made aware of his use of the oil and was confident that it was working in tandem with his chemotherapy. I am convinced that the CBD oil helped to ease the effects of his treatment, but sadly after an infection we lost him to cancer on 26th January 2017. 

I am truly blown away by the abilities of the power house that is cbd oil which is why I have to tell even more of you about this magical natural ingredient!

What is CBD?

CDB is one of many active cannabinoids identified in cannabis and hemp. CBD is non-psychoactive, creating no high associated with cannabis. Most people have heard of a chemical called THC, which is the ingredient in cannabis that can create a “high”. CBD oil is legal in the UK and is sold as a food supplement. It is not currently recognised by the government to have any medicinal value.

Where can I buy CBD oil?

Check out CBD Brothers – I highly recommend this fabulous brand, the team are very helpful and they have a great range of products.

Amma Life also have a good selection of CBD products. I have not yet sampled any of these products myself but I will be soon, many people I know speak very highly of Amma Life.

Canna Vape produce some great CBD vape e-liquids, I particular favoured the Strawberry flavour, which I think has since been discontinued.

You can also find CBD and hemp products in your local health food stores such as Holland & Barrett.

What about THC?

THC & CBD have been documented to have great effect together, hence why the product Sativex exists which is reported to be grown and produced here in the UK, the products ratio is 1:1 THC:CBD. However, it is claimed to be only available in the UK by prescription for MS sufferers. The UK appear to be very behind the likes of Spain, Canada and some US states with regard to medicinal cannabis. 

Where can I learn more?

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook featured in my Recommended Reading – Self Help, Health & Nutrition post is a very interesting and informative guide. You can also Google Rick Simpson oil and Bud Buddies UK to learn more about THC & CBD oil.  


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