Fringe Benefits – The Ultimate Quick Fringed Fix


I think I’ve just found the ultimate quick fringed fix!

I can just about scrape my natural hair into a tiny ponytail now but it just doesn’t look good! Plus the problem with being blonde is those pesky dark roots which are coming though. But no more! Behold this “Modern Fringe” thanks to HotHair.


I can now just get up, clip it in and be ready in minutes with absolutely no messing. It blends in easily with my own hair and that’s what it’s all about. I like breakfast too much to be wasting time getting ready too.

The natural parting and secure clips make it so easy to work with your own hair, plus heat can be used on this fab synthetic fringe. The shade I am wearing is Honey Ginger and there are many others to choose from. Hoorah for HotHair!

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