Garms & Qualms!

It’s not news that I am still very much a fan of 90s fashion and with the 3rd lockdown in place combined with feeling somewhat regressive my focus has gone back into my love of the clothes that we wore in that era including my personal collection of vintage Garms that I have owned since the actual real life 90s.

In an attempt to streamline my stuff I began listing some of these prized possessions in Promo ZOs Bou (for Boh like in the rave but also Bou for Boutique – right!?). I was feeling thrifty at the time, but in honesty since doing so I have felt a pang in my gut each time it has come close to letting some of these items go.

I hadn’t realised how much of an emotional attachment I had to some of these pieces. And then it dawned on me that these items were like time stamps, like a collectors piece of vinyl which signified moments around that time, where we were raving, what we were doing and what we were listening to and also who I was!

After paying attention to those repeated pangs, these signature pieces are staying! They spark more than Marie Kondo Joy, they are art, they are life, they are pieces of my soul! They are who I am. I can’t let that go!

SO I’m looking forward to re-injecting life into these gorgeous Garms!

I’ll be cleaning up, re-shooting and re-sharing the love I have for this fierce era of Fash-hun and of course I’ll be adding more old gold to my existing collection! 🙂

Perhaps April’s Pure Science would be an entirely appropriate spot to draw for one or some! Here’s hoping!!!