Hotel, Motel, ZO-tell…! Plug Sockets, Freeness and Friendliness.

Hotel, Motel, Holidayyyyyy Innn!

With tour managing and my freelance work of modelling and festival-ing staying in hotels is all part of the package, and now what with being “in-between addresses” and ever waiting to exchange on our new home I feel as if I have literally been living from hotel to hotel.

I am now quite the expert guest and have experienced what I like and the gripes of staying in hotel accommodation. Even call me a genius! So I’m taking that one.

Let’s face it there are some serious must haves when staying away from home, a bed, a loo and a kettle being the main staples! But beyond the basics for me the essentials are FREE parking, FREE WiFi and occasionally the accommodation being Pet Friendly is also a win.

FREE Parking makes sense, I drive there – I want to park outside of the hotel and not a 10 minute walk away in an overpriced NCP thank you. As does FREE WiFi, I come there – I want to work and do the things.

And every so often our furry friend will come on the road with us, although this (insert gripe) rarely comes for free. I do struggle to see where the daily £5/10 pet rate is going on say bed sheets for example that aren’t remotely dirty which are tossed out to an external laundry company to throughly clean anyway! What doesn’t help in me attempting to compute this cost is that in my teens I once had a chambermaid job at a popular Whitbread hotel chain before they switched up their name and I saw first hand that humans make more mess than mutts. In fact my dog has a better a personal hygiene routine than some people I know! That said I am grateful to travel with the pooch, as is she. She too is now a travel expert.

So with Parking, WiFi and a possible pet sorted what’s next?

We mentioned kettle, there MUST be a kettle. Tea, ample tea and milk, it’s nice to get a variety of tea too and if they are all good and in situ, biscuits! We may as well have biscuits. Then there’s a TV but if you have FREE WiFi who cares! You can’t sign into Netflix or Amazon Prime on that hotel telly now, can you?! And a bath, winning with a bath, a shower is great, but I do love a bath.

So let me talk about badly sited plug sockets and slow closing toilet seats! Yes these are the gripes, I see no reason why these things aren’t so.

As you may have gathered I travel with a laptop, it’s a Mac, and it has a rather large adapter plug. Now I’m not just a ponsy Mac owner, I travel with other tech too and I would like to just sit on some furniture whilst powering up the Mac and sending an email or fixing my hair with the straighteners in front of a mirror. It’s really not too much to ask.

In recent travels sockets are either sparse, sited far across the room, or too close to the work surface or desk and so they are redundant. Just give us sockets next to the bedside and sited higher up from the desk surface.

Granted some good (and perhaps less budget) hotels do get it right and we are even treated to the new fancy fandangle USB sockets which is great! However some just haven’t got there yet.

Here are some recent examples (what has become of my life);

<< iPhone plugged in lovely – MacBook not so much.

Pictured here at the Ibis Hotel, Heathrow which has paid parking, free WiFi and is pet friendly.



<< No on desk action happening here at the Days In, Stansted Airport which has free parking, free WiFi and is Pet Friendly.




<< Although I did just about get my GHDs plugged in.

There have been others good and bad. And now I’ve raised it, I will be sharing more sightings on my socials.

But NO I almost forgot! Slow closing toilet seats! Yes SLOW CLOSING TOILET SEATS! Yet this really needs no explanation does it, no one wants to give them self a fright or disturb the residence by simply going for a pee in the middle of the night or day. Surely everyone has one of these in their home, if you don’t I highly recommend you do. Damn I’ll even find you a link on Amazon.

So just make it so hoteliers. We need properly sited plug sockets and quiet loo seats, it really is about the little things in life 🙂

Most of my hotel bookings this year have been made with as I love the flexibility of free cancelations, the ease of using the the app and the genius discounts available to frequent travellers like myself. But always check direct rates as sometimes you could find a better offer for your needs, and some hotels do not use comparison booking sites at all.

My recent and most frequent stays have been here this year;

Days Inn, Stansted Airport – Free Parking, Wifi & Pet Friendly
Macdonald, Manchester – Free Wifi
Campanelle, Dartford – Free Parking, Pet Friendly
Ramada, Milton Keynes – Free Parking, Free Wifi
RE Hotel, Shoreditch – Free Wifi
Mecure, Bristol – Free Wifi
Ramada, South Mimms – Free Parking, Free Wifi
Travel Lodge, Norwich – Free Parking
Premier Inn, Norfolk – Free Parking, Free Wifi
Days Inn, Cobham – Free Parking, Free Wifi, Pet Friendly
Ibis, London Heathrow – Free Wifi, Pet Friendly
Holiday Inn, Rochester – Free Parking, Free Wifi
Hallmark, Birmingham – Free Parking, Free Wifi, Pet Friendly
The Park Royal Hotel, Cheshire – Free Parking, Free Wifi

And so I have pointed out which ones have that freeness and the friendliness.

I hope you found this read useful. Do you have any recommended pet friendly hotels to tell me about, have you had problematic plug sockets? Do you have a slow closing toilet seat!? Holla at me.

The front page image is the pretty hotel lobby at the Ibis Hotel, Heathrow.