My HotHair – Grateful to Embrace the Faux-Hair-Yahhhhh!

My HotHair

After reading my blog post “Natural Image, Chemotherapy Hair Loss & Hair Dids!” the lovely ladies at HotHair & Natural Image were soooo kind they sent me not only this fabulous Embrace wig but some other amazing hair pieces too.

I am so grateful to now be able to turn my combined knowledge and experience into helping others going through a similar experience. Or those just seeking an instant look!

If you are a friend of mine online or off and ever want to chat more about hair-loss, wigs and more holla! I’m your gal!

So now that I am – ya know #sponsored! I thought it would be entirely appropriate to make a little demo video of how easy it is to have glamorous hair, in an instant.


Below I quickly prep and style featuring the beautiful HotHair Embrace wig using nothing more than the basics.

I’m not a fan of wearing a hair net/cap liner underneath a wig as I actually get quite claustrophobic with too much on my little bonce! I’ve just scraped back what I’ve got of my own hair with a regular hair bobble and wear the faux-hair-yahhh!

Enjoy ?

Faux Hair: HotHair Embrace Pearl Platinum Wig
Music: London Gramma – Sights (Tourist Version)
Video Production: @zopromo