Out To All The Ladies Doing Their Thing, Their Way, From Day!

Out to all the ladies doing their thing their way from day! Especially today on International Women’s day 2021! Big up!

This image was posted recently on the socials so it seems appropriate to re share today on International Women’s Day.

Taken from UK Rumble, one of the UK’s first internet radio stations, on “Ladies Day” in the early 2000’s.

If you know your internet radio station history then you will know that InterFACE came first in the late 90s, then UK Rumble, shortly followed by Pyro Radio who I also worked closely with, particularly on the Pyromaniacs weekly club events, the booking agency and a one-off in Bournemouth at The Opera House (now the O2 Academy).

UK Rumble was championing the sounds of the underground, with a huge roster of talent passing through representing both UKG and D&B.

Kennie Gillard aka Jnr Buzz and I were heading up the stations schedule back then and so I curated this one-off “Ladies Day” special and we both agreed that it would be a great idea. And it turned out that it was!

We had many fabulously talented MC’s showcasing that day including Shystie (as pictured – left), Lady T (middle) and Lady Destiny (not pictured).

I’m the one on the right and yes I was spittin’ bars back then!

Lady Destiny was was heard on the show and shortly was signed to a major label. So the show was a great success!

It’s humbling to look back on as we were all just doing our thing and had no idea how things would grow and progress. Take Shystie for example who has gone on to become a huge star and with her own TV Show! Amazing! Mad props!

So I wanted to take this as an opportunity to thank the likes of Kennie, Richie Pyro & Matt Small for hearing me back then. Thank you!

And I also want to big up all the Ladies who work so hard behind the scenes and still do! I see you!

Happy International Woman’s Day x