Listen Back – Promo ZO, Bassdrive, Wednesday 17th October 2018

Last weeks Bassdrive show is live on Mixcloud packed with soooo many amazing tunes from EdlanMohican SunEtherwoodFreek DnBMelinki Zero TTrex dnbR1C0Marcus Intalex and many many more…

You can catch the live show as it’s happening every Wednesday 2-4pm GMT on Bassdrive or check the Monday morning replay from 10am. Show uploads go right to my Mixcloud from the previous week every Wednesday.

So be sure you check out my Mixcloudfollow that and never miss a show!



You are going to be in for a treat for next Wednesday, well it is Halloween after all! So tune in from 2pm via TuneIn and get live jungling guy!

Big shout to all the Bassdrive listeners, you guys are incredible and all the producers making the most amazing beats right now.

Love to 2SHY MC and Jakes as always for my dope ass drops and of course Donovan Lee and Louis Overfiend #legends.

Peace x