Lockdown 2020

It’s been a very crazy spring/summer, Covid lockdown kicked in and we all doubled down on this thing!

To summarise just some of what I have been up to over this mad and surprisingly home-bound summer here’s my Lockdown 2020 listing of mixes, live streams and radio.

To listen back to any of these all you need to do is click on the links listed below;

APR – Faster, Lockdown Mix

MAY – Middle Skool, Home Skool

MAY – Ram Live, House Party

AUG – In Reach, Summer Selects

SEP – Bassdrive Sessions Virtual

SEP – Mixcloud Live, 3 Hour Stream

WEEKLY – Bassdrive, Live Radio

And remember you can listen back to all of my weekly Bassdrive radio shows on Mixcloud.

If you have been enjoying the vibes and want to show your love please head over to my Ko-fi for a bevvy!

Hang in there!
Promo ZO x