MC After-Thought, a piece I wrote in December 2019

MC After-Thought

Award winning MCs have a very valid point, one in which I can go on and on about for hours, so here in, I write.

Yesterday MC DRS accepted his award for Best Vocalist not only did he step down from awards as a whole, he called on event promoters to bill MCs with the artists in which they are booked to work with. As did INJA on thanking his fans on winning Best MC the subject of billing was raised once more today on his Instagram and I quote;

“There’s still a very large gap between us and the DJs though. Promoters, agents and organisers if you don’t mind as @delrokski asked it would be nice to put us with the people we’re working with not at the end of the flier please. Apparently, people do come to see us and we’re not just an add on at the bottom of the listings.”

For years as an ally to both DJs and MCs alike having been in roles as Promoter, Agent, Tour Manager and wife to an artist who shall remain nameless (which is actually sheer irony, but I digress). Simply having this perspective in Drum & Bass would make some of you wince as to how fucked up the most basic elements of event promotion can be made, for no real or valid reason.

Calling for MCs to be billed alongside the artists in which they are working with is in fact a much bigger ask than you may imagine. As often MCs booked do not always make billing on the flyer for the events at all. They are completely skipped off the flyer, not billed on the social media event listing in text and are lucky if they make it onto the artwork at all. And these are well known, long-standing, foundation MCs in the game that ravers come out to see and hear perform and have done since the dawn of Drum & Bass.

Having been on the promoter side of the fence in this scene and serving my time at world renowned venues, spending large sums of (not my) money on talent, not billing the artists budgeted and paid for absolutely blows my little mind. It makes no fucking sense. 

So, in this piece I would like to raise some points that in my humble opinion NEED to be addressed and rectified by Promoters, Agents and Organisers, as both DRS and INJA called on. 

  • MCs not being billed at all? 

It happens! I can find you the flyers, but I won’t because we all know it does.

  • MCs being treated as an afterthought and not considered at the budgeting and booking stage of the event process? 

Oh shit! DJ X works with MC X, we had better book some MCs but the artwork is already out! 

  • MCs technical and hospitality riders not being fulfilled? 

Drinking water, a towel and an accommodating sound engineer is not an extravagant ask – more challenging rider requests have been handled! 

  • Not requesting consent from MCs for use of their intellectual property to be used on the social media and streaming sites? 

In simple terms, recording live sets and putting them online without asking the artists permission first.

Which leads onto the request made by award winners MC DRS and INJA…

  • Bill MCs with the artists that they’re working with and not at the end of the flyer in small font.

MCs are ARTISTS treat them as equals to their peers – Thank you 🙂 

Congratulations to all the 2019 Drum and Bass Arena award winners.