Nails Inc – FREE VIP Dub-Plate Business! And a 24 hour FLASH SALE coming Friday

VIPNails Inc – FREE VIP Dub-Plate Business! And a 24 hour FLASH SALE coming Friday.

VIP dub.dub.dub-plate business! Well kind of…

Nails Inc have just let off some serious VIP freeness!

The VIP Membership scheme which was once at a cost of £5 to join is now completely FREE!

With such great perks why wouldn’t you JOIN?! What are these perks you say? Well read on…


The Nails Inc VIP scheme includes;

  • FREE Membership: (old membership was £5)
  • FREE standard delivery on EVERY order
  • £5 Birthday Gift Voucher
  • Earn points on every order to redeem against future purchases
  • Exclusives & Early Access to Seasonal Promotions
  • Exclusive tips and tricks
  • The chance to be a VIP Test & Reviewer

I am now officially a Nails Inc VIP, and yes I am a little gutted that my birthday has already passed! BUT Behold there is a Flash Sale on this Friday! Say whaaaat?!

Yep, for 24 hours as of tomorrow Nails Inc have a flash sale on. So let’s just recap all of that goodness;

A FREE VIP Scheme which once joined includes FREE standard delivery on all orders plus a 24 hour Flash Sale!

Is it Christmas already at Nails Inc HQ? Let’s face it with all that greatness – they have just totally NAILED it!

Sign up and become a Nails Inc VIP and get your nails ready for a 24 hour flash sale!


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