Positive Affirmations: I am amazing and you are too!

Positive Affirmations

After falling to my slumber to the soothing sounds of the late great Louise Hay reciting “You Can Heal Your Life”¬†as I woke this morning it dawned on me that I am not so good at practicing positive affirmations, at all.

With that I figured that I could benefit from changing the constant messages that my iPhone delivers to me frequently.

Something so that every time I look at the screen it penetrates a positive message into my brain. Something so that every time I pick it up I read a positive affirmation?! Instead of being distracted and dragged down a social media app hole.

How? Of course! Change the home screen image to a lovely positive affirmation.

I took to Google and searched “I am amazing”. Who doesn’t want that kind of constant reminder in their lives and hey presto! Image found.

Now when I reach for the phone and hit that home button BOOM “I Am Amazing” beams from my screen. Absorbing the most important message that my phone can give me, yes iPhone you are quite right “I Am Amazing”.

I think that’s a pretty positive start to practicing positive affirmations, if even subconsciously, maybe one day I’ll be confident saying them out loud too!

Have you changed your phones home screen to remind you too that you are amazing, because you are, you are amazing. x

Positive Affirmations









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