Promo ZO – Mixcloud Live

After much tweaking and perfecting of both audio and visual for live streaming and many lockdown mixes since we were summoned to stay at home, I am now (I think) finally happy with my live set up which will be use primarily for streaming on Mixcloud Live.

So Mixcloud crew you will need to get yourself familiar with this link >>>

This is where my live audio and/or visual will go out to, where you will be able to listen and see me in the mix. To participate in the chat just log into your Mixcloud account and share the link using the tab within the page.

As my live streaming set up does not run simultaneously with my weekly Bassdrive live radio set up which naturally takes priority over everything, once I determine the best schedule for live streaming video, you guys will be the first to know.

I may bring Tea for Tremendous over here, those of you on my Facebook Page will know about that, or I might just switch that up entirely and get into the mix. Once I’ve got that figured, you’ll know about it 🙂

Update: See you LIVE on Mixcloud – Monday 18th May at 16.00-1700 UK time.

Big Love & Stay Safe
Promo ZO x