Taking Care Of Ourselves!

Here’s my somewhat delayed post relating to a recent instagram post of mine!

As I mentioned in my post I am no health expert, but since we are all going to be staying home, washing our hands more frequently, and taking better care of ourselves I thought I would share some of my supplement staples which also includes a hand cream, and damn are our hands going to need it!

Why do I supplement, because I care about my immune system and yes I could probably add more real foods into my diet and often I do, but this way I can guarantee I am getting what I need daily.

Here are the products with their related (affiliate) links;

Vitamin D – Higher Nature

Vitamin C – Aavalabs (currently out of stock) however another brand I have used previously is Quest – 1000mg Vitamin C

Skin Food Hand Cream – Weleda

Spirulina – Rainforest Foods (inc. B12 B2 B6 Iron++)

Having gone through Chemotherapy almost five years ago now, my immune system is something I guard very closely and that’s why I choose to supplement.

Take care of yourselves and each other.