Hooorahhh! Zoe Vivo – Wig Consultant has officially landed!

Zoe Vivo – Wig Consultant

Hooorahhh! Zoe Vivo has officially landed, yes that’s me Zoe Vivo the now Wig Consultant!

Wig ConsultantI have been brewing this little project up over the past few months and now it is here in full fruition.

Some of you may be aware of my cancer story and the experience that I had with hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment.

Since going through that process and in that time learning so much more about wigs I decided that my hair loss experience teamed with my not so distant background in Hairdressing would make the perfect match and so Zoe Vivo was born in my brain.

More recently I had the fantastic opportunity to work alongside some of the most fabulous faux hair greats I now feel that it is the perfect time to offer my experience and knowledge with those experiencing hair loss.

I hope to slow grow this new unique and mobile business by word of mouth, so if you know my story and are aware of others going though similar please tell them about me.

I will happily guide you through your purchase by coming to see you personally for a consultation in your own home to talk through the options available to you at Zoe Vivo.

Please take a look at the shiny new ZoeVivo.com for more information and feel free to contact me via any channel to talk more.