Brand Ambassador, Social Media and UGC Creator

Here are just some examples of my work as a Brand Ambassador, Social Media and UGC Creator.

I am a proud Brand Ambassador for Bluefin SUPs.

I enjoy creating SUP related content about my passion for paddle boarding and my favourite SUP brand. 

I bought my first paddle board during lockdown and have been obsessed with SUP ever since. 

Since becoming an ambassador I have invested in some amazing action cams to create captivating content.  


During my cancer journey I became a Brand Ambassador for Daxbourne International. 

Creating content for social media, featuring as a model on the Hot Hair and Natural Image websites and more. 

The relationship with the brand came about as my first “cancer” wig was a Natural Image wig and it helped me so much. 

I was able to appear as if I was not undergoing treatment and I could share my news when I was ready. 

I create content about products that I love, including health and wellbeing, beauty and fashion. 

I promote products that I am genuinely passionate about on my social media. 

From my favourite hand cream to the latest Drum & Bass artists or brands merch drop. 


I also became an Ambassador for Lymphoma Action following a skydive fundraiser for the charity.

I have since featured in their online and print publications and annually create blood cancer awareness content.

We are already making plans for Lymphoma Awareness month 2024. 

I began taking Tiktok more seriously in 2023.

My first branded mission was with Spotify which was a perfect fit.

My video content reached 60k views and I received my first branded mission payout which has really boosted my confidence as a content creator. 

I created the video on the way to events that I was attending and recorded the voice over the in the green room, which is quite different to my own home recording studio where I usually record pro VO!

Some of my own most popular content on TikTok has reached between 13k, 115k and 210k organic views. 

In 2016 I was creating content for fun and was unaware of the attention it would receive. 

This image was reposted by on Twitter by Money Saving Expert achieving a ridiculous amount of  views from 154k MSE Deals followers. 

I was just happy to have bagged such a deal thanks to MSE and Nails Inc. 

I later joined the Nails Inc affiliate programme. 

I really am enjoying working with brands directly as an influencer and ambassador and also with agencies creating UGC.

It’s been an interesting journey from my traditional marketing and promotions experience at companies including Ministry of Sound, O2 Academy and Pinnacle Entertainment and the future of social media marketing is very exciting. 

If you are interested in collaborating please contact me for my UGC portfolio and rates. 

I look forward to working with you 😊

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