Zo Audio

Promo Zo Launches Exciting New Drum and Bass Imprint: Zo Audio

Promo Zo is proud to announce the launch of her brand new self-releasing drum and bass label, Zo Audio. This exciting new venture is set to break new ground in the underground Drum & Bass scene with her debut track, “Plain Sight,” scheduled for release on 27th November 2023.

Zo Audio is the brainchild of Promo Zo, a seasoned scenester, artist, DJ Producer and entrepreneur with a passion for championing the freshest underground drum and bass. This independent imprint is poised to become a platform for Promo Zo’s productions bringing fresh, rolling and gritty underground drum and bass music to audiences worldwide.

“Zo Audio represents a new chapter in my career and a significant milestone for me within the Drum and Bass community. With complete creative control and an unwavering dedication to the genre, Zo Audio is all about crafting memorable, bass-driven experiences for my listeners,” said Promo Zo.

The label’s inaugural release, “Plain Sight,” is set to capture the essence of underground drum and bass. With its rolling rhythm, sub bass, and classic breaks, “Plain Sight” promises to be a track that will resonate with fans of the genre showcasing Promo Zo’s influences.